Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring administration of stop plant acres


Spring administration of stop plant acres

A document variety of stop plant acres in 2019 is ensuing
in a novel spring for a lot of farmers.

College of Minnesota Extension crops educator Liz Stahl says managing these acres will rely on what occurred final yr.

“A whole lot of the acres we had been in a position to plant a canopy crop, so then if you happen to had an overwintering cowl crop you have to be eager about a termination plan on that. Whereas different acres individuals planted one thing like oats (and) that terminated overwinter.”

In these conditions, she tells Brownfield there’s going to be extra residue to take care of.

“So simply be eager about that at planting. Different acres, individuals simply used tillage on the stop plant acres, so there was nothing planted. Then you need to fear about fallow syndrome and the administration ways with that.”

Stahl says corn is most prone to fallow syndrome.  To mitigate danger, she recommends banding phosphorous and zinc straight on the seed as a starter fertilizer.

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